Cleaning & Preparation

cleaning-prepAny Paint Project is only as good as the Cleaning and Preparation that takes place before any paint is applied.

This is a tough job, but we have people trained to take on the most demanding preparation tasks.

Preparation is just not cleaning, scraping and removing old hardened and cracked caulking. You have to be properly trained to know when some of the materials you are scraping off or cleaning are toxic or hazardous. You have to trained in the proper use of required safety equipment and you have to know how to properly dispose of the old material that you remove. If this old material is not disposed of properly, the liability for clean up lies with where the material came from. You.

Apex Paint and Decorating not only understands the importance of training its people to understand how important proper Cleaning and Preparation is to the appearance of the finished project, but to recognize hazardous materials and know the proper and correct way to both remove and dispose of them.

We think this training is very important. It protects you from the consequences of improperly handling and disposing material from your premises.

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